Friday, March 18, 2011

it's just a phase...right?

i go through these phases where i don't want to be friends with anyone. where i just want to be alone, like i used to be. because it's so much easier. i know exactly what *i* am going to do. i don't let me down. i fit in with myself. i don't disappoint myself the way other people disappoint me.

i want to disappear. i cannot be everything that everyone wants. i can't abandon myself the way others abandon me.

i got home from hanging out with friends today and felt like i was an alien. like i'm not anything i'm supposed to be. i came home and had a panic attack because jeff wasn't here to help me. what's wrong with me?


  1. I've been feeling the same way :( Just remember you've been through it before and have gotten through it too :)

  2. I just realized I wasn't following you- sorry about that! Thanks for all the great finance advice!

    I feel like that sometimes too. Like sometimes I don't "click" with my friends the way I used to. Hang in there!

  3. I find exercise (as awful as that may sound) like a jog or a bike ride, can really help clear my head. Get your frustrations and unknowns out physically as well as internally. Give it a go - it may be exactly what you need to snap out of it. It worked for me on Monday after having a whole weekend of stinking thinking ;)