Monday, June 20, 2011

Question 12

Question 12: How do you sabotage yourself?

I set myself up to fail, quite honestly. I make goals that are ridiculous - I will work out every day or else! I will only do this task on these days when I have $x in my wallet and only on full moons! I'm very all-or-nothing.

I've been trying to get better. I make to-do lists, but I'm trying to get better about accepting the fact that I cannot do everything. This month, for example, I can't complete all the things under the "home improvement" section because my contractor is on vacation until the end of the month, so that section will get moved to July's list. I also try to make them "done lists," adding things that I've done to the list as I go so that I feel more accomplished at the end of the month.

((If you're a new reader, the list of questions I've been working from can be found on this blog, here.))

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  1. To-do lists are great! You lay out what you'd like to see done and cross them off as you go... It's the crossing off part that I think is the most important, and fulfilling. Done lists are an even better idea! I had never thought of actually making a seperate list, but doing so would probably bring more of an accomplished feeling.

    I checked out the lost of questions you are following. Very powerful stuff! I might do the same.