Tuesday, January 18, 2011

A side note on anxiety

Sometime since graduating high school, I've developed near-crippling anxiety. It isn't constant, or anything - it's not like I can't leave the house without Valium - but it's there, and it does have a negative impact on me.

Most recent example? Tonight, my silly husband was (is?) supposed to speak in front of the City Council in his (likely far-fetched) bid to be chosen to fill an empty seat on said council.

I spent the first hour of the meeting shaking so badly, I couldn't hold his hand or anything; I had to leave before he even spoke because I was so nervous that he would embarrass himself in front of the people there because he didn't really have a prepared speech or anything to say.

I'm such a terrible wife.


  1. That's a terrible feeling. I've been there.

    There's a pizza shop in our neighborhood that we order from regularly. The people are so friendly, & we always chit-chat when they deliver...& I always have them deliver, even though they're less than a mile away. Even though they're super friendly & familiar, I simply cannot go into this restaurant.

    Why? I wish I knew. It's not all places, but there are just certain things I can't bring my self to do no matter what. So annoying.

  2. You are not a terrible wife. If my husband (which he never would) did what your husband did. I probably would have stayed in the car. I'll support you from the out side honey.

    And I'm anxious all the time too. It's a joke in our marriage, "what is Dianna worried about now?"